About me

I’ll be brief – I’m not terribly interesting but here’s a little lowdown on what I’m about and why I made the FB group and blog.
My son was born at the end of September last year. I was determined that I would breastfeed him for at least 6 months but never really knew what it would entail. I knew I would need a nursing bra for ease’s sake but that was about it. I just figured I’d lift up whatever I was wearing so he could feed away. Great idea in theory – but actually turns out in the majority of cases it’s not that practical! So I went out and bought button down tops and dresses. Again, technically they did the job but that sort of outfit isn’t really practical in all situations, nor is it actually flattering for some ladies. So I found myself wondering around shops asking myself “Can I breastfeed in it? Can I breastfeed in it?” over and over again. Quite often the answer was no although there would be great excitement if I found something that is not only BF friendly, but also pretty and flattering on my mummy tummy. But I find when walking around high street shops with a child of any age, the last thing you want to thinking about is whether you can get a boob out of it. Baby brain is already a challenge day to day as it is!

So I saw new mothers on various breastfeeding support groups asking for advice on what they should be wearing to feed their babies discreetly, what nursing bras people recommend or even just nice dresses they can feed their babies on special occasions such as christenings. I was actually pretty surprised to find no one had created a group for finding breastfeeding friendly fashion yet! So I created one and started to share links within BF support groups where ladies were asking for advice on BF fashion. This quickly snowballed and accrued over 3000 in just over 3 months.

When it comes to breastfeeding, I am really passionate about it and endeavour to help mothers trying to breastfeeding their babies whether it be in real life or trying to advise in breastfeeding support groups (there is such an amazing network of supportive breastfeeding mothers out there!). I believe that having something as simple as a breastfeeding friendly outfit can help with normalising it and make us mothers feel more comfortable in our own skins.

So here we are! I wouldn’t be able to do this without the input from members within the FB group so thank you all for posting stuff you have bought, giving each other advice and the rest!


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